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1:Garment CAD/CAM System 


Toray ACS was researched and developed by TORAY Japan for garment processing CAD software, and named the series - "CREACOMPO II". In addition to "Pattern Magic", it also provides many sophisticated software for garment industry during production. Besides handling the processes about pattern, grading, nesting, etc., but also with cloud-enabled version and independent offline version. The customer can be based on all aspects of garment production, and choose the best tools.

1. Pattern Magic II : "Pattern Magic II" brings innovation to the pattern making. Line production, modify, switch, cut can be used freely. With a numerous of automatic features, you can complete you task in high quality by just enter the value, press the button.

2. Pattern Magic II 3D: By using Pattern Magic II 3D during the process of sample making. From the first sample, printing, cutting pieces, substrate material inspection, cutting assembly, modification and so on, by employing the use of three-dimensional virtualization technology. It may improve work efficiency significantly.

3. Grading Magic II  :To ensure efficient grading by using "Grading Magic II". Enter the desired value, just click a button, you can instantly show all the sizes for sewing processing. And you may check the results quickly and accurately after the grading.

4. Marker Magic II: "Marker Magic II" helps to avoid the waste. Just a button, you can efficiently configure the nesting map, and complete the estimated fabric consumption instantly. Also, use the pattern merge function to accurately fit the pattern between the pieces.

5. Trace Magic Plus : The "Trace Magic Plus" can be completely omitted from the pattern type data entry. Simply click on the acquired pattern type on the scanner and replace it with a line, and you may edit it freely.


Korean design software TexPro, is developed by Korea Yongyu (YOUNGWOO CNI), so far in the Korean textile industry CAD software market share it earns the first place. To benefiting China and Hong Kong and other markets can also recognize this edge technology, Invescom (HK) Ltd. becomes her strategic partner, and the Asia Pacific distributor.

 1.large savings in human resources, production costs and time costs, and may handle by non-technical designers easily. platform system, ease-of-use user interface for customers with their own favorite styles, patterns and fabrics, by ordering from website directly.

 3.3D simulation system, the effects show on the monitor by computing simulation, free sampling, trying, take photos and so on. design system, symmetrical function features, style design features, more than 3,000 details of the components, easy to create new models.

 5.pattern design system, scanning features, automatic variable vector diagram, easy to modify and design their own pattern.

 6.fabric design system, very carefully and truly simulate the fabric effect, calculate the cost of production materials for enhancing the accuracy during production.

2:MES System 

MES system is used on a factory floor for managing and monitoring work-in-process during production. We have years of experience in the implementation of different industries, with the use of RFID technology, e-ticket and wireless network, real-time monitoring of each working capacity, real-time production bottlenecks, balance production capacity. More the system provides real-time automatic statistics of workers' productivities and the statistics of workers’ outputs, and the process time of each work steps. To achieve immediate feedback production line defective information, timely control adjustment, so that it benefits the whole product quality control.

3:ERP System 

ERP system is the enterprise resource system, the use of advanced technology, including inventory, procurement, sales, production, human resources and other business modules, combined with our many years’ successful implementation experience in different industries, thus to formulate this comprehensive information management system. In the past years, we have helped more than 100 different enterprises, optimizing the enterprise's resources and business model, feedback the market to enterprise reasonable allocation of resources requirements. At the same time, we help to upgrade internal business processes, significantly empower the core competitiveness of enterprises.